Library Policies

Library Policy

  1. Every user is required to log in at the library system kiosk located near the entrance door.

  2. Any behavior that interferes with another person’s ability to use the library is prohibited. This may include, but is not limited to:​ Soliciting, Begging, Selling, Game Playing, Watching movies, Listening to devices that disturbs others

  3. Talking loudly or otherwise vocalizing in a manner that disturbs other people, receiving and/or making calls on a mobile phone  transmitting over-powering, offensive, and/or obnoxious odors.

  4. Eating, smoking, and sleeping are strictly prohibited.

  5. Vandalism is a very serious offense and shall never be tolerated in the library.

  6. Wearing of earrings/ nose rings among males is likewise not allowed.

  7. The use of electrical outlets for laptop charging are limited to one hour per student only.

  8. Harassment, verbal abuse, threats or repeated unwelcome advances toward  other students and/or persons of authority are prohibited.

  9. Every user shall submit for inspection before he/she leaves the library premises. This is to ensure that no library materials are brought out without proper procedures.